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At Anderson Hew PLLC, our attorneys help creditors protect their financial interests during the bankruptcy process.

Creditors' Rights In Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy provides debtors with a fresh start. For creditors, bankruptcy means debts go unpaid, contracts unenforced and judgments uncollected. At Anderson Hew PLLC, our attorneys help creditors protect their interests when debtors file for bankruptcy.

Our attorneys represent businesses, banks, private lenders and individual creditors and protect their right to repayment and enforce contracts. We use every legal tool available, including:

  • Filing proofs of claims and adversary hearings
  • Challenging debtors' transfers
  • Petitioning to lift the automatic stay
  • Representing creditors' interests at 341 creditors' meetings
  • Attaching liens to real and personal property
  • Garnishing wages
  • Repossessing property

We also negotiate on behalf of banks and private lenders to prevent foreclosures and ensure mortgages are paid.

Our attorneys also represent creditors throughout the Chapter 11 plan process.

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