Helping You Understand The Complicated Probate Administration Process In Florida

When you have lost a loved one, it is an emotionally overwhelming time in your life. From dealing with the impact of the loss to the stress and sorrow that come with making final arrangements, it can be incredibly exhausting.

In some situations, unfortunately, the difficulty doesn't end there. If you are also facing a complicated probate administration process, you might not even know where to begin. From being named the personal representative of an estate to questioning the validity of a will, Anderson Hew PLLC can help you navigate challenging probate issues.

How We Can Help You With Probate And Estate Administration

In cases where a valid will exists, we can simply assist the personal representative in notifying the beneficiaries and distributing assets. In situations where estate planning tools were not created, we are here to help you with what will likely be a complex and lengthy probate process.

Some of the probate matters that require the need of an experienced lawyer include:

  • If a decedent's assets were co-owned
  • There was no will
  • Contesting a will
  • If decisions made by the personal representative are called into question
  • Creditors' rights

Distribution of property, such as a house, is oftentimes the most contentious part of the probate process. Our attorney is seasoned in real estate law and litigation, providing our clients with a depth of knowledge that extends into other areas affected by complicated probate issues.

When You Need Guidance, We Are Here

If you are going through probate for a loved one, we understand there are going to be many questions along the way. We can help answer those questions for you as well as walk you through the process. We will represent your best interests and be a strong advocate for you in court if necessary.

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