Orlando Real Estate Closing Lawyer Serving Central Florida

Your commercial or residential property transaction in Central Florida is likely to be the largest investment you will ever make. Having an experienced real estate lawyer representing your interests at closing makes good financial sense.

It makes good financial sense to have a knowledgeable, experienced attorney on your side of the table at closing time. Call us at 407-545-6429 to discuss your legal needs with attorney Elizabeth Anderson, Esq.

Whether you are the lender or the property owner getting ready to close on the title transfer on a property in Central Florida, talk to an attorney at Anderson Hew PLLC, first. Under the direction of attorney Elizabeth Anderson, Esq., our lawyers have been protecting the rights and financial interests of clients involved in real estate title transfers and closings for nearly 15 years.

Whether you are the lender or the property buyer or seller, our real estate attorneys are ready to handle every aspect of your Central Florida real estate deal, including:

  • Reviewing and drafting purchase offers and sales contracts
  • Reviewing mortgage documents
  • Correcting problems with titles
  • Reviewing, revising and drafting commercial lease agreements
  • Quiet title transfers
  • Landlord-tenant rights and title issues
  • Short sale closings
  • Condo association and homeowners association (HOA) documents
  • Lender representation in foreclosure proceedings

To schedule a consultation by phone or at our office in Orlando, call us at 407-545-6429 or contact us by email.